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    Determine Inbound IP Address


    I have a user accessing a server via SFTP (serverB); we need to move this user onto a different machine (serverA) without them having to change passwords.

    On serverA, I created their accounts and directories, move their directories over from ServerB and will be asking them to change their IP to the new IP address.

    What I also need to do is add their existing IP to our firewall. We're not using IPtables but have a need to know where to find what IP they're coming in from. It would be easy to ask them but it's a large company and something as simple as this is rather troublesome.

    Is there a specific log file in which I can view to find this information? This system was established some time ago by another admin and unfortunately, not documented.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Right, on the machine they're logging into, you can install some software called "IPTRAF". You need to run it in root as well, alas, but it shows what you want.

    I've run this on my webserver, haven't had any problems with it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjc View Post
    Is there a specific log file in which I can view to find this information?
    You need to state which GNU/Linux distro and version you're using.

    For example, in later releases of the various Red Hat-related distros (RHEL, CentOS, Fedora), there is a log file:

    sshd logs certain details to that file with the default LogLevel INFO. One of the details available there is ssh client IP address.

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    Hi Anomie

    I'm using CentOS v4.5


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