Hi there everyone,
I need some advice about setting up a proxy. Here's a quick sketch:
PC1 ------------->  }  \
PC2 ------------->  }   \
PC3 ------------->  }    > ------------> PC_X
PC4 ........         }   /
    ....                }  /
Let say that PC1 is located in New York, PC2 in London and so on.
I want to route the entire traffic (http, ftp, bittorrent, ... ) of all PCs to PC_X.
After some research it seems that PC_X would act as a proxy and that I need some sort of tunnling (OpenVPN?) from PC to PC_X. PC_X would be administered with FreeNX or equivalent.
How would you this? Maybe someone has a link to some useful tutorials about this topic?

Thank you in advance for your help