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Thread: IPTables

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    Hi there,

    I've just had a cable service installed, and the connection is mac locked to the NIC i set it up with. As a learning experience, I'm setting up a debian box with two nics in - one connected to the cable modem, and one for the lan.

    So my question is: how do I start? I've seen IPTables configs before, so I'm just after a few pointers to kick me off. My network will be pretty simple. I want everything on the lan going through the debian box, and routed back out to the net. I've not the foggiest on how to NAT the internal machines though.

    Any starters for ten?



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    I've never used a Linux box as a NAT device, but it looks trivially simple.

    HOWTO: Linux NAT in Four Steps using iptables.

    (That was one of the very first google hits for "linux nat" by the way........)

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    No offense, but i think typing your message here will take more time than googling for it.

    I have absolutely no problems you asking that, but just take the a little time to search (google) for it. You'd be amazed

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