here goes,
im using a motorola v235 phone and running the live Kmobile 050 beta. using kppp. my provider is cingular/at&t . i think i am on the right track. it finds the modem, dials, even gets the username and password. then i get this error message and the connection dies

The pppd daemon died unexpectedly!
Exit status: 16
See 'man pppd' for an explanation of the error codes or take a look at the kppp FAQ

i checked the faq but it didnt really tell me anything useful.
im not really picky and ive looked at alot of other distros. i dont have dialup, and neither dsl nor cable is available where i live. my cellphone is my only connection to the internet im really trying to make the switch to linux but this is the only thing holding me back. motorola phone tools works so well in xp. it does all of this for you.
can anyone help me?