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    How to find whether the server is alive or not in client program

    Hi all,
    I have a problem in client programming. I am using socket programming guide to develop server and client applications in linux. I have created a server program and running on my machine it is working fine. On another machine i am running a client program.
    My problem is if the server is not running and client starts running my client program can able to give the message "Server is not running" but if the server is running and my client successfully connect to the server and after connecting if my client program wants to know whether the server is running or not how can check i.e there may be situations when my server is down or my client application wants to ping the server to find whether it is alive or not. How can i know it.
    Please give me any suggestions.

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    Create a handshake protocol with a timeout. If the server doesn't respond in a certain amount of time then it can safely be considered offline.

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    How to find whether the server is alive or not in client program

    I can ping the system and check whether the system is being alive but i don't want to check whether the system is alive or not i want to check the connection between client and server is alive or not.
    Can any one help me out in this

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