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    making local xserver reflect remote desktop activity

    Hiya everyone.

    Ive got an xbox running Xebian but its connected to a TV (poor resolution). So, i am using VNC to access it via my XP pc. I also have cygwin installed on the pc so i can login via shell as well.

    My problem is that i want what im seeing in my VNC viewer (on the PC) to be identically reflected on the TV attached to the xbox. One half-way solution i tried was to also run a vncviewer locally (at the xbox) i.e. sharing the same vncserver that the pc is viewing. This however slowed things down too much on the Xbox. Becuase im using Xine to view movies copied from the PC to the Xbox, the drop in frame rates while viewing was unnaccpetable.

    Does anyone know how i can either (1) view and manipulate, from my PC, the SAME Xserver running locally at the xbox? or (2) Configure VNC (or some other remote access app) such that what i see and do on my PC is seen and done on the xbox?

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    Wouldn't a better solution be to command the X-box via VNC (or SSH, which I'd prefer... =) ), and just start the movies on the X-box's local X server?

    For example, if the X server connected to the TV has the :0 display and the VNC X server has the :1 display, just run something like this from the shell you're using:
    export DISPLAY=:0
    mplayer -fs /path/to/movie.avi
    That way you won't have to see your commandeering on the TV, and you won't have to waste the bandwidth to see the movie on both the TV and over the network connection.
    Only advantages as I see it. ;-)

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    x0rfbserver for hassle free remote vnc control of xbox

    Thanks Dolda200o for that simple and excelent solution which will be my method of choice for contolling tv/xbox output from my PC.

    I have also found another solution that incidentely ships with Xebian ready to go. Its called x0rfbserver and its fould under the apps/tools menu on the xbox. The nice thing about it is that unlike with a vnc server, the x0rfb allows a client to X window 0 (:0) without giving an error message that it is already in use (or locked). x0frb follows the vnc protocol in other respects so it works with the regualar vnc viewer and i suspect with a java enabled browser also.

    This beauty of this is that it allows one to view what is happening on the xbox tv from the easy to work with resolution of the VGA monitor. Also, the xbox has a 100Mb ethernet connection so images refresh very well in all but the most demanding operations (although as Dolda2000 kindly points out, its not quite up to speed for watching movies at your pc).

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