hey ppl

this is alot related to my current problems with openvpn 1.6. i'm trying to set it up with win2k client and fedora openvpn server. but if i try to do this on the fedora server:

route add -host a.b.c.d netmask gw

i dont get traffic back to the win2k client. a.b.c.d is public address for win2k. is the tunnel end on the win2k client.

instead, if i do:
route add -net a.b.c.0 netmask gw

i'm getting traffic back to the win2k client and i'm using internet via the openvpn tunnel. i've setup win2k in two way, either only with public address a.b.c.d or with public a.b.c.d and private the vpnserver private address is and thats the address i'm connecting too..

so my main *question* is: how to route traffic intended for a.b.c.d only to a.b.c.d via the tunnel. i dont want to split a.b.c network with 252 mask and loose public ip addresses...

btw, the point to have public ip for the win2k client ? - if it wants to setup and ftp server or something to be able to do so...with private ip there is no way to do that...

i hope i'm clear..

please advise