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Thread: Port forwarding

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    Port forwarding

    Please help I cant seem to get this to work.

    What I have is a Linux 2.6 box with 2 Nics eth0 and eth1.

    Eth0 is set at IP and is part of a large network.

    Eth1 base net of with the Linux box at .5.1 and is running DHCP server for the limited computers on its network.

    What I want to do, is from a computer on the network say to access the computer on the .5.0 network say but I only what port 5900 to go to .5.10 and port 5901 to go to .5.11 port 5902 to .5.12 etc. and no other ports to go though. And Yes I am using VNC and trying to get from .1.104 to .5.17 the simplest way possible.

    What I am doing is using NAT and port forwarding but I cant seem to get it to work. It seems it should be exactly backward of the standard many boxs accessing the one (i.e. internet).

    Does any one think that I would have to setup a VPN and go that route?

    The entry in iptables is.

    -A PREROUTING t nat p tcp d --dport 5900 in-eth0 j DNAT to

    Thank you

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    Do you have a router also? You may need to open/forward ports from there also. Other than that, I don't have any Idea.
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    No external router, and thanks for the look over. Since nobody has any Ideas, I think maybe this is not possible. I think I'll try VPN

    Thanks everyone for looking

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