Hi all,

Has anyone done or knows how to do both grouping and active-passive setup on the same system ?

HTML Code:
SW1 -------  | Bond 1 | ---------- 
SW2 -------   --------                 |    --------
                                        ->| Bond 0 |
              --------                 |    --------
SW1 -------  | Bond 2 | ----------
SW2 -------   --------
Regardless of whether you do active-passive at the bond1/2 level and grouping at the bond0 level OR the other way around, the end result needs to be twice the link speed at the bond0 level. i.e. Say if each link is 1 GB, we should get 2GB at the Bond0 level.

The application requires a high speed resilient link setup.

Another alternative could be grouping four links into one bond0 link (total 4 GB ), in this case if one link or interface goes down, will the bond0 simply drop to 3GB or fail altogether ?