i think what im looking for in a dual wan setup is a loadbalancing platform were load is distributed over two or more links(wan,internet), and is directed out going and incoming based on open sessions(or ip retunr traffic) and a bandwidth percentage threshhold. lets say if got a dsl line through att, and a cable line through comcast. ive got two machines on the lan side. both stations are connected to the same ventrilo server, both are web browsing, on is also playing an online game while the other is running 2 or 3 torrents.ok so i would like to predefine a ceertain type of traffice or session like ventrillo to go through the lower bandwidth dsl connection as well as all the web traffic, however for my mmo, i want it to go out on the cable side, and i want the torrents individual connections to various peers to be dynamic, determind by upload bandwidth saturation on each link, but once a peer connection is established to a peer it doesnt disconnect it to move it to the other link. now is this possible or availible today with ip4 and linux?