I have a xen domU setup using a dummy network interface for networking. This works in so much as I can ping the dummy interface from the domU and ping the domU from the dom0, I can even ping the wlan0 ip address from the domU, but network traffic stops inside the bos it will not forward over the wireless connection to the router. The setup idea is below.

Any |-----dom0

the idea is since the I want constant networking between the dom0 and domU I setup the internal dummy interface that is statically assigned then I can connect between the dom0 and domU at any time. To enable internet access for the domU I NAT the dummy through the wireless connection. But as I said it ends at the box nothing from domU gets sent over the wireless connection. any ideas?

I have tried changeing the snat packets to the same MAC as the wireless, as I read that when using linux as a wireless router some cards will not send packets with different MAC addresses from their own. This did not work

Is there some sort of iptables magic I am missing, is this just downright impossible? I mean it seems simple to me.

encapsulate request in packet from dummy so that it looks like the packet is from the wireless card, then send. my understanding is that this should work fine the wireless card just considering it regular network traffic from the host. And I am no fool I have an Bachelors in Information technoology in networking. So I don't see what I am missing here.

Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.