Hi there,

I tried to enable IPMI on our DELL PE servers ( PE1850, PE2850, etc. ), right after that, when I booted those machines into Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, the network connection of the systems went bad, more than 50% packet lost rate when I ping! However, when I disabled the IPMI through BMC, the network issue was resolved right away ( NOTE: I had to get "factory default" in BMC to make the network working, only turning off IPMI didn't work! )

I tried to update the BIOS from A04 to A06, and BMC from 1.40 to 1.72, and also updated all RPMs ( including ipmi ) and Kernel, but no help.

The problem happened to all servers running RHEL. However, all Windows machines are working just fine.

Please advise.
Thank you!