Yes - I know, you think I am nuts already! The network FAQ's and manuals are big and fat, and still do not seem offer an answer.

The router is a very ordinary NetGear ADSL firewalled modem router with four 10/100 ethernet cable sockets and a WiFi antenna. The service to this rural location is 576K down 256K up.

The other boxes here are Windows, but this one, (by far the best!) is Debian Etch with Guarddog, using a ethernet cable. When doing downloads, the Linux box seems able to hog the bandwidth, and internet activity for other users more or less quits. There seems no setup in the NetGear kit to share more equally between users, and we are not even sure how it is shared when some download is naturally limited by the speed from the remote source.

So - is there some handy way to put the brakes on the Linux box, (and maybe easily take them off again when conditions allow) ?
Thanks ..