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    after running ifup, run ifconfig, and see if there's an address... I doubt it cos of that error, but who knows?

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    That ADSL router of yours - how does it work? Does it do NAT and stuff?

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    Did you solve this problem yet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dolda2000
    Many ADSL routers and connections have the problem that they won't give you a new DHCP lease until the old one has been released, and Windows XP doesn't release its leases when it shuts down.

    Try releasing it manually next time you shut down WinXP. If I recall correctly (I don't use Windows), the command for doing that in Windows is this:
    ipconfig /release
    Alternatively, you can shut off the modem and turn it back on once WinXp is shut down. You can also (if you run through a router like me...) turn off the router and bring it back up onve Winxp is down. both methods will force new IP leases in DHCP mode.

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