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Thread: VPN Woes

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    VPN Woes


    I am trying to setup my home grown Debian server as a VPN server. It has 2 interfaces, one of them (eth0) has a range of WAN IPs and the other (eth1) has a single LAN IP. I am listening openvpn on one of the WAN IPs and logs say I am connecting to it fine...

    Mon Sep 3 10:37:49 2007 Peer Connection Initiated with 80.229.**.**:1194
    Mon Sep 3 10:37:49 2007 Initialization Sequence Completed
    I am connecting to it using the openvpn client on my laptop. The laptop's tunnel adaptor gets assigned an IP in the range of my local network ( and the server's tunnel adaptor gets assigned another ( However, I can ping neither the server's tunnel adaptor nor any IP behind eth1 of the server (e.g.

    Does anyone know how this issue could be solved?

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    Can we get you to run the following commands on the laptop with the openvpn connection running.

    route -n
    And paste the output here. This should help us diagnose the problem.

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