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    Dual NIC and Default Gateway

    Hi there. Im trying to configure a server to run on an external IP as well as an internal IP

    I have the 2 NIC's installed and configured. Eth0 is connected directly to my Cable modem and is configured to use a static IP as given by my ISP. Eth1 is connected to the router and is set to use DHCP of the router to get a local IP.

    I find that when i boot up the computer in order to have external access i have to delete the default gateway which is automatically set to be on eth1 (internal) and set a default gateway for eth0 (external). once i do this i am able to access the server via ssh or apache from either internal or external points.

    But what i have noticed is that if i try and ping anything from the server that it times out and says host not found. Same for a dig or nslookup or anything like that. I cant even ping the domain name that is assigned to that server. I can ping and get a response from a local IP but nothing external will resolve if it originates from the server.

    Im stumped. I think it has to do with the default gateway. or perhaps the DNS? im not running DNS on this server but am not sure if it is set to look at the right place.

    Please let me know what you think



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    Can we get you to run the following commands so we can see the network settings.

    ifconfig -a
    route -n
    cat /etc/resolv.conf
    iptables -L
    That should help us diagnose the problem.

    Let us know how you get on,

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