I've got a PCMCIA wireless broadband card (iBurst anyone?), a laptop running uBuntu 6.10 that it plugs into, and a desk-top box running Windows XP. The XP desktop is currently peer-to-peer networked with the laptop - in practice this means that I set the subnet mask for both to, the IPs to and respectively, and the gateway / broadcast address to - then use the Samba plug-in to effect files transfer between the XP and Linux systems. I currently use the wireless card only in the laptop - what I want to do is allow the XP box to connect to the net via the wireless card in the laptop.

How do I go about this ?

I have been told I need to set a rule in iptables, but some guidance as to how to do that (if it is indeed at least one of the things that need to be done) would be appreciated.