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    Incremental backups from Windows

    I bought a Western Digital NAS device, which apparently runs on a self-contained linux OS. I have been backing up my two Windows PCs to each other using xcopy and the /d option has always worked fine. Now, however, the modified date doesn't seem to duplicate exactly on the NAS device and my incremental backups have become nearly full backups each time. I tried XXCOPY, but it didn't work and I hate to go to the GUI tools. I enjoy linux, but want to keep this NAS device a simple, mobile device requiring little or no maintenance on my part. I also cannot telnet to the device, so I don't think I can hack it.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'd use rsync for incremental backups. Install cygwin on windows with includes rsync.
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    Only problem with rsync, I think, is that it relies on ssh, which is not set up on the NAS device. At this point, I can't install anything on this device because I can't login to it plus I do want to keep it a "dumb" device that just receives backup files and nothing else. Am I missing anything here?

    Thanks again!

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    I take that back

    I should have tried it first. Rsync does run on windows without any config on the device and I was able to run it multiple times with no duplication of previous file backups. This is exactly what I need. Thanks a million!!!

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    rsync in windows syntax

    I had to struggle with the syntax for rsync on windows. Here it is if it helps anybody:

    rsync -uvrt "/cygdrive/c/Documents and Settings/house/Local Settings/Application Data/Apple Computer/iTunes" \\bigdrive\housebackup\itunes\
    rsync -uvrt /cygdrive/d/Dell/ \\bigdrive\housebackup\Dell\

    Quotes are needed if there are spaces in your folder names. The 'r' is recursive and the 'u' is for only new files since last backup. Rsync (I used CwRsync) seems to want the folders to already exist in the destination, so you may have to create them first.

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