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    Cannot make p2p connections

    Well i knwo this seems like a Application porblem but i am sure that it is a network problem. Now i just finished my install of gentoo and when i added Apollon i did the gift-setup and set everythign accordingly. I can connect to fasttrack and search for songs, however none of the songs will ever actually download. They just sit there on the transfers page. I think it may either be a permissions issue with some kind of auth file for internet connections, or perhaps that the correct port isnt open.

    For the port issue i have iptables install, however i have no idea hot to configure it. I assume since i havent configured it it isnt blocking anything but maybe it is and that is the problem. Also i am behind a router, which before when i was using FC2 didnt seem to be a problem, i didnt ahve to forward ports or anything, i just had to select one option in the setup that i was behind a NAT (which is the same as router right). Does anyone have any ideas.

    I am not going to post my config file just yet because it is huge and i am not sure if anyone needs it to diagnose the problem. Well thanks anyone who helps or tries, if you need my gift config i cna post it just let me know, im so mad that thsi isnt working lol.

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    hmmm...well as weird as it was that it ddnt work, i think its weirded that it does now. The only thing i did differnetly was enable the lisa daemon in the rc-scripts at startup....maybe that was it...hey what is teh lisa daemon anyway

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