I have an Apache/Fedora Core 5 webserver at home, as well as various Windows XP machines. All are connected to the same router, which supplies the NAT and DHCP etc..

I'd like to connect a network storage device to the router, for example the Netgear SC101:

SC101 - NETGEAR.com

The idea is that on the linux box, cron would run an automated backup that copies all required data onto this storage device. And then I'd obviously do a similar thing on the Windows boxes, with the supplied backup software.

This storage device would effectively be a SAN, where the router permanently assigns it an address, for example,

My question is firstly:

1) All these 'domestic' network storage solutions I've seen only state that they support Windows/MAC. Is this simply because they're shipped with Windows/MAC backup software or because there is some inherent reason why Linux cannot access a storage device via TCP/IP? (Obviously the latter isn't true, but can Fedora on a desktop do this via a 'domestic' ADSL modem/router?)

2) Leading on from this first question, can anyone suggest a backup facility that can copy specific files across to such a network storage device. (I'm sure there are various threads on this already - sorry for asking here).

3) Assuming I can mount this storage device from any OS, what file system should I format this storage device with. Do I need different partitions for each OS?

I've even considered linking this storage device, via a very long RJ45 cable, and having it hidden in the attic - or even a fireproof container! So even after I leave the gas on, and blow my house up, my numerous webservices and millions of photos may be preserved!!! (I know I sound crazy - I'm not, honest!)