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    WHY: Modem always missing after bootup?


    I am using Mandriva 2007.0 and connect to the Internet using a dial up modem. The modem driver is slmodem (latest version). The dialup tools is kppp. Everytime I restart my Linux, the modem is missing. I test it by querying the modem. An error said that "Unable to open modem".

    Thus following are the steps I do in order to make my modem work:
    - make uninstall
    - make install
    - modprobe slamr
    - slmodemd start or /usr/sbin/slmodemd

    (Please Note: I am using the modem deamon provided by the driver itself, this deamon is keep under "scripts" folder). I have tested out that using the deamon from the linux (/usr/sbin/slmodemd) still having the same result.

    May I know how can I make the modem driver "always" stay in the Linux.

    THanks @!

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    You probably need to edit /etc/rc.d/rc.local and add
    modprobe slamr
    /usr/sbin/slmodemd start
    Another option would be to create an alias for your modem in /etc/modprobe.conf and then run "/usr/sbin/slmodemd start" at boot time (in /etc/rc.d/rc.local).

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    Sorry for my late reply. I have put the two statements that you mention in rc.local file. But it still not working. I can see my modem is there from the output of dmesg. Anyhow I am still not able to query my modem. Until I run the full cycle of the setup as I mention in first post then only I can dial my modem.

    I din't try on the second option as I don know how to create an alias in modprobe.conf.

    THanks @!

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