Good day,
I have a debian etch with vhcs2 installer on it. First I had only one IP setted up with my main domain name and everything was working fine. Now I installed a second IP and a second domain (that is linked on my IP from another server) . Both my webserver are working fine, resolving from extern and everything. But my mail on my second domain wasnt working. Yesturday I was looking at it to try to make it working, and I tried to ping the second domain from my box and I always get a unknow host, if I try resolveip I get the same this, host same ... etc. I can only resolve the ip my main domain, also if I try to resolve it resolv on Anyone has an idea why I cannot resolve any external adress anymore ?
my /etc/resolv.conf is ok I got this in it
nameserver x.x.x.x
nameserver x.x.x.x
which are my normal name server.

Thanks much in advance, I cant figure this one by myself