Hi! I'm new to Linux, and am mainly using it for programming and networking. I've just started with programming on linux(have done a fair bit on windows already). I'm trying to use pcap.h, but unfortunately the compiler always reports an error for this.
For example, if i type


int main()
{           printf("Hello world");
             return 0;
I save this as hello.c

Then I go to the terminal, and i type

g++ /.../...../.../hello.c (This is the address where the program is stored)

Here it gives an error saying cant find pcap.h

I'm using Debian 4.0. I've installed all the libpcap apckages I could find using the Synaptic package manager.

Please forgive me if my queries are a little too basic, I've just started on linux.
I searched the forum for pcap.h, but couldnt find anything useful.