I bought Suse 10 but i have a big problem setting up the wireless. Here is how my internet connection works on windows. I connect with my linksys router and this router is connected to my adsl modem. To get access to my ISP, i have to run a pppoe broadband connection once the wireless connection is set. I guess this is to register my computer or my ip address in my ISP server. Once i have done this i have access to the internet.

In Suse 10 i have no problems connecting to my router via wireless. So in Suse i have wireless connection to my router. I created a adsl broadband connection under pppoe but his connection is linked to my lan networking card. The problem is that i need to connect with my ISP trough the pppoe connection but i don't find how to make this using my wireless.

To be more specific i have Cobaltnet internet connection ISP. Once i have the connection to my router, (which itself is connected with the adsl modem) i need to run the pppoe connection with my login and password and after that i am good to go and surf the web. If somebody could help me solve this would be great. Thank you very much and please help me!

Note: my router doesnt support plugin the login and password of my internet adsl connection ISP.