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    How to make home gateway?

    I have 3 PCs at home and I want to route with the one.I have 2 NICs on it.I know that I can make it with IP tables.I read a lot but and I tried to make it but it does't work.Simply,the mashine isn't routing.I enabled ip_forwarding.I masqueraded.I've made everything,but it doesn' work.Can you help me with ideas? Please,tell me what to enable,what to disable and how to configure th forwarding with iptables.The internet IP is and my home network PLease help me.How to write the commands? Thanks a lot!

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    I've never done it manually, but you can install something like Smoothwall, which is what I use. It is a small distro designed for routing with a web interface to it's many features.

    If you still want to do it yourself, just google for IPTABLES + tutorial and you should turn up more than enough info.
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    The problem is that I read so many tutorials and it doesn't work.Something's wrong.I just wnat ideas.Because I tried seeral things.Changes.And it doesn't work.

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    well there is this
    though it is not doing it all the manual way but it might give you some ideas or a way to set it up for now till you do get around to setting it up manualy with iptables

    Also do you have atleast a caching DNS server? on the LAN so the boxes on the lan can find the WAN

    See this alo it is on Masquarading
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