I'v read a lot of samples about iproute2 configuration with two isp's, where describe how to setup source routing based on ip source address. This is very good, but how to setup iproute if not need base IP source address but need INTERFACE source?

Let me explain what i want:
I have a router (linuxbox with 3 ethernet cards) with connections to 2 ISP.


#ip rule ls
0: from all lookup local
32758: from lookup 112
32764: from lookup 47
32766: from all lookup main
32767: from all lookup default

#ip route sh table 112
default via dev eth0

#ip route sh table 47
default via dev eth2

Also I have default gw to second ISP:
route add default gw

Everything works fine - if the IP packet comes from internet to address it is routing back to eth0 and the same situation with eth2 - this is very good!

But now I am plannig to add NEW network:, the main feature of this network that it is Provider Independed Network and this network visible from BOTH ISPs simultaneously. I setup this new network as alias on eth1 interface - eth1:1. And now if the packets for network comes from isp1 - the answer packets go via eth2 (isp2) - becouse default gw This is not normal situation - but how to resolve it with iproute - i don't know