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    internet problem

    hey...i installed 2 linux untill now and with both i had the same problem...i ham now using mandriva and windows for the problem: when i connect to linux its suppose to connect to internet by himself but it i configure my internet connection...and when im all done it shows like its connected to the internet but when i try to eneter firefox for example it wont enter any web site...what can i do??
    for more info the modem is connected to a router and the router to my comp

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    What's your output of 'ifconfig'?

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    whats that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shayvasa View Post
    whats that?
    Welcome to the forums!

    ifconfig is a command that you run from a terminal.

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    its kindda long...i need to copy all of it and put it here?

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    I think it is. If it is too long copy and paste into a .txt. Then boot in windows and sent it. Also can you ping? what is the output of
    ping -c 4
    Edit: just copy the command and paste into the terminal. Press enter and copy the output
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    you lost me there again...plz explain better the ping thing...ill do the ifconfig now and paste it here

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    ok ill post here my ifconfig

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    i attahced my ifconfig

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    and heres the ping thing

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