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    Port forwarding for games

    Hello everyone,

    I have a debian GNU running as a server. I use shorewall to make it work as a router.

    Recently, when i host a game in using PC1, PC2 in the same network could not join the game but other players on the NET can join. If I host a game using LAN, PC2 and join PC1's game. I have tried to config /etc/shorewall/rules but didn't help. Can anyone give me some advice? THanks in advance.


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    To figure out where the problem is coming from, I recommend downloading an application called Wireshark [sudo apt-get install wireshark]. This is a packet sniffer that will show you in real time the traffic that is going through your network interface(s). Maybe I'm a little slow, but re-reading your question I'm having a little trouble understanding it.
    The way I currently understand it, you're saying that you have a server, we will call it X, and two computers connected to it on a LAN (PC1, PC2). You're problem is that when PC1 hosts a game, PC2 can't join the game ( but other players can). From just that, it sounds like you might have a Product ID issue. I could be off in left field, but are you using the same PRODUCT KEY on both of your computers with BNET accounts? The reason I ask is the simplest theory I am coming up with supports what I seem to understand the problem is. That when one computer is logged onto BNET the other one doesn't work. Clear up some of these questions and I can provide more assistance for you.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I will try to change the product key.

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    Hi everyone,

    I have changed the key but it didn't help.
    Let me clarify a bit. In order for me to host a game, i have to forward port 6112 to one of my machines, i.e. PC1 (ip: I added the following line in my /etc/shorewall/rules

    DNAT net loc: tcp 6112:6119
    DNAT net loc: tcp 4000
    DNAT net loc: udp 6112:6119
    DNAT net loc: udp 4000

    As a result, my PC1 can host a game and other player can join my game. However, my PC2 cannot join.

    I think it's because all the requests to 6112:6119 and 4000 is forwarded to PC1, so my PC2 cannot use these port. I tried to change warcraft III 's game port to 6120 which is not in range 6112-6119, still could NOT join PC1's game. Any idea?


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