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    Unhappy PROBLEM: all bytes of extracted payload from a dump file appears to be zero

    I am using TCPTRACE in Fedora Linux Kernel version to extract and process packets from a packet dump file. To process each packet, the md_read() function is called . The code of which is as follows.
    I am trying to extract payload from these packets. but when I display the bytes of the payload or infact the packet using *payload or *pip pointer ...........all bytes appear to be zero.........
    I could not figure out why this is happening............

    any suggestions or help ..............

    struct ip *pip, /* the packet */
    tcp_pair *ptp, /* info I have about this connection */
    void *plast, /* past byte in the packet */
    void *mod_data) /* connection info for this one */
    unsigned int j;
    unsigned char *payload,*packet;
    long bytes,payload_length,size_iphdr,size_tcphdr;

    if (pip->ip_p != IPPROTO_TCP) return; //only process tcp packets

    packet = pip;

    size_iphdr = 4*IP_HL(pip);
    if(size_iphdr<20){printf("Invalid IP header:%u bytes\n",size_iphdr); return;}
    struct tcphdr *ptcp = (struct tcphdr *) (packet + size_iphdr);

    size_tcphdr = 4*TH_OFF(ptcp);
    if(size_tcphdr<20){printf("Invalid TCP header:%u bytes\n",size_tcphdr); return;}

    //contains the pointer to the payload
    payload = (packet + size_iphdr + size_tcphdr );

    bytes = ntohs(pip->ip_len); //total length of the packet
    payload_length = bytes - size_iphdr -size_tcphdr ; //payload length


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    One more thing ....I have further investigate the payload and find out the actual payload i.e. non-zero is of just 30 bytes out of 1448 bytes and rest is padded with zeros.

    any idea why this is happening .....

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    payload is padded with zeros

    I have captured the packets by using TCPDUMP on Linux fedora kernel

    when I have extracted the payload from packets I found out that the actual payload is of just 30 bytes out of 1448 bytes and rest of the payload is padded with zeros

    I have checked it though ethereal as well

    any idea why this is happening .....

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