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Never said I could not fix it. In fact I offered to set things up. This is a very simple thing to do and not like you are doing it now.
I know you cant fix it, you lack of ability is very apparent now. *see below on setup*

No thanks! Sounds what you did isn't the proper/best way of doing thing but because you get what you want you believe it is correct.
I know its not the "correct" way. I am on a MEDICAL site. Do you have any idea how much money and time it takes to change the IP of one CT machine let alone the rest of the equipment(non-computer) we have here. Also, downtime it not an option either, As I doubt you want to be the one on the table when the doc tries to pull up whether or not you are allergic to penicillin and the computer are down.

If I had the option I'd change the IPs and put them on a different network. But, it is not that way, I needed a transparent fix.

And this should impress me how? Three years Network Admin. Hmm and what does this Network Admin mean? Server setup? Router/Switch setup? Wishfull thinking?
HA, you are the one who started throwing years of experience around. With ZERO references I may add. I at least provided one of the places I've worked.
Oh yeah, I was the head network admin of the faculty network(5 floors, 60-80 users per floor) designed and maintained a site to site T1 to our remote campus, maintained the business AS/400, etc. If you still don't believe me I'll pm you my resume.

Dream on, just don't wonder what happens when reallity sets in.
reallity is that something like reality?

I'm done cluttering the help forum, I'll see you in in the lounge or a more appropriate forum where you can make yourself look like an even bigger loser.