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    using a gigabit NIC on a 10/100 network


    Just wanted to ask: is it reasonable to expect that an entry level gigabit NIC, say a Linksys EG1032, would perform better than an entry level Fast Ethernet NIC, like a Realtek 8139-based NIC? Or is it better to get a branded fast ethernet NIC like 3com?

    i'm looking into improving the performance on our pc-based router; users have been complaining that access to certain servers is noticeably slow. Part of the plan is to upgrade the NICs installed, and i am having issues with what to upgrade them with:

    -- if i use gigabit cards, wouldn't they jus fall back to fast ethernet mode(since we're using fast ethernet switches), and not necessarily perform better or at par with a fast ethernet card?

    - while branded NICs like those from 3com are indeed faster, their priced almost the same as gigabit cards. From a cost perspective it's seems impractical.


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    Your speed limit is probably your network itself. You'd get a bigger speed increase by putting in a proper managed switch and setting it up properly rather than changing out working network cards. Your limit is likely down to the bandwidth of your network

    That said, if you're going to buy cheapo gigabit network cards, have you thought about upgrading your infrastructure to gigabit ethernet?

    Perhaps it would be better to find out which users have been complaining that access to servers is slow. If this is a web server, then it could be a lack of internet bandwidth or a struggling server. Remember that just because some users have reported slow access, it's not necessarily down to network bandwidth in one particular area - and it may help you more to nail down exactly why they're suffering these problems.
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