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    Red face Netcat, Socat, & Cryptcat help

    OK guys, I am new(ish) to netcat, cryptcat, and socat but I want to try out a proxy idea I have.

    Here is what I need to command line for.

    Cryptcat listening on localhost port 7777, encrypting the connection (passkey is test), and connecting the encrypted connection to localhost port 7778

    Socat listening on localhot port 7778, connecting to a socks4a server (example: on port 80 to forward the data from localhost port 80 to (example) port 8989

    Cryptcat listening on port 8989, decrypting the connection (passkey is test), sending the decrypted data to (example) port 80 how would I go about doing this? I am running the windows versions of these programs (not that that should make a difference). I am trying to get something to the effect of an encrypted proxy. The problem is my residential isp blocks inbound port 80 and 443 but the firewall at my work only allows outbound port 80 and 443. The traffic at work also passes through an internal proxy that does blocking based on the ip we are connecting to and also scans the data stream for keywords (such as proxy) and saves the ip address the keyword was received from for a network admin to review to see if it needs to be blocked.

    This is my problem, can someone help me?

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    I can help you.
    But I think you underjudge Socat.
    Socat can send over SSL.

    And proxying, well id pick Squid but ok..

    Fist play around with each as a seperate tools.

    Netcat -> Clear Text Sending.
    Cryptcat -> AES Encryption.
    Socat -> SSL Encryption (Most advanced Cat).

    I have wrote a Syncing protocol with these tools for my PDA.
    I do it this way:
    Cryptcat sends Certificate for SSL
    Socat makes a SSL connection to server with the certificate he just got.
    Netcat reads incomming commands to a file that tail parses to the programs

    Well, if you first play around with cc and nc and then try soc you must be able to do this.

    I hope this helps abit.
    And if it didnt Ill try to write a better help thingy for you when I am home
    New Users, please read this..
    Google first, then ask..

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    would that be easier? I am not worried about security of the data (it wont be anything important) I am looking for somthing that uses socks4a (for its remote dns lookup) so I am thinking just a free 3rd party proxy. No matter what I need a 3rd party proxy because the outbound ports at work that arent blocked are inbound blocked ports by my ISP. here is an example of what I am going to do:

    I am going to have an application send a socks connection request to localhost port 7777 (work computer)

    Cryptcat will be listening on localhost port 7777. It will encrypt the connection and send the encrypted socks request to localhost port 7778 (still work computer)

    I am going to have Socat listening on port 7778. It takes the encrypted request and sends it to port 8989 through a socks server that is listening at port 80

    The socks server gets the connection request and pipes the data (the encrypted socks request) to port 8989 (home computer)
    The home computer will have cryptcat listening on port 8989 and will get the encrypted socks request

    Cryptcat will decrypt the data and send the cleartext socks request to port 80 (same socks server used to pipe the encrypted request to the home computer)

    The socks server fetches the data
    so, I am fairly new to the CAT tools. I just want to know if you think this will work. I also have no clue what the command line arguments would be for this.

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    Well its not that hard to do this.
    Since I see you dont use socat now.
    Well first start at the beginning and check everything out slowly.
    Check man
    -l (lisern)
    -p (port)
    New Users, please read this..
    Google first, then ask..

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