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    Samba + Printer Template Question


    Recently getting back into Linux, know my way around Red Hat/FC fairly well. But I am having some problems with Samba. My desired end result is to set up a Job Template in a Xerox printer to send scanned documents to a folder on my Red Hat samba share. I have created the folder /Xerox/printer/scans
    which i wish my scans to be sent to. I have then created a new samba user and even given full persmissions for the samba server and my scans folder.

    The Xerox printer has a web app that you specify the "Share folder" - /Xerox/printer/ then I specified the "Remote Path" as my "scans" folder. I then proceeded to enter my samba user/pass. All of that goes through fine, I just keep getting "network server cannot be found" on my printer. It is coming up as scans - "\scans\scans*.PDF\*.PDF"

    I think that might be where my problem is at, it looks like it is wanting to send it to an lower folder "scans" inside my /Xerox/printer/scans/ folder.

    Anyone had any experience with setting any thing like this up? I am pretty sure all of my smb.conf is correct and can access the samba shares via Window$ as well. I am just not very experienced with this sort of thing, have read many tutorials but can't quite come up with anything. I don't have the smb.conf file with me or I would post it. I will try to get it posted first thing tomorrow so maybe something will pop out to somehow.

    Thanks for any advice/suggestions.

    -- Jordan

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    Well, I messed with it some more today and found out that if I simply put the SharedVolume = to my samba share directory that the jobs will go into there just fine. But if i add the remote path, the sub directory folder , they will not write to there. Permissions are wide open on the subdirectory and samba user has full access to the Shared Folder. Any ideas? Thanks!

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