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    Azureus hogging up bandwidth, help!

    When i run azureus even if it's just one package, that downloads petty 40 kbit/s, firefox runs considerably slower than normal 8 mbit down and 1 up.
    I can't seem to find any limiting option in azureus except the transfer, which doesn't seem to affect the firefox.
    do you know anything about it, please help!
    p.s. i hear it happens in ktorrent as well

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    its pretty common when downloading torrents in general, even if you aren't downloading at your bandwidth's limit, or anywhere close, you experience quite a slowdown, I know this happens for me as well I haven't figured out any way to avoid it. I have a 6 MBPS connection and even if I download at like 50 kb/sec, everything else slows a lot even though I can download at 700 kb/sec!

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    The problem isn't download, it is upload. You should always limit your upload to no more than 75-80% of your upload bandwidth. Remember you have all sorts of packet confirmations and outwards traffic so you are throttling that if you don't limit torrent software.

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    bigtomrodney is correct, it's most probably upload what slowes you down.

    You have to find the fragile balance between upload and dowload. Best is to try to download a torrent with many seeders (try for example fedora image), set download to unlimited and then tune upload.
    Start the tunning at 80% of your max upload, wait 5-10 mins and decrease it to 70%. Check the graph, if download speed increased after you decreased upload. If yes, then it means that your high upload speed limited also your download rate in azureus. Continue with decreasing upload rate, until you reach the point when you do not see any difference. If you experience decrease of download speed, then you decreased the upload speed too much. After you identify the best upload speed, try the web browser - and if you still experience slowness, move upload AND download rate in azureus lower by 10-20%. This should help.

    (In my case, I have ADSL DL:8192, UL:512 and have utorrent set to DL:700 UL:15. This way I download torrents at full speed 700 KB/s and experience no slowdown in web browser)

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    It doesn't matter what limits you set, azureus reduces the bandwith from 8mb up, 1mb down to 1mb up and fickle 50kb, even if you down/up say 200kb up 200 down. so even if i limit azureus to 2mb/200kb it would still go over and take almost all the bandwith, even thouth it doesn't need it.
    so the only solution is to turn it off, unless you can enlight me with an alternative method.
    Please, answer, if you have the same problem even if you don't have a solution!
    Thank you!

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    Well, I have a similar problem as far as it slowing down browsing and such, but I haven't tried changing the upload speed. Going to try that next time I download something. But I use Azereus Vuse, so if I find out anything, I'll post.

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