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    kinternet problem

    The 'kinternet' icon on my KDE desktop now has a 'padlock' on it - what does this mean, and how can I re-set it? Also, what should kinternet user permissions be?

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    it means u have not user permissions to it.and am sure if u try it double click it, or try to activate it, it will ask u for a password, i think that is good, though i cant remember how u reset also depends on the OS u have on your box.
    give us more details of yo box, and we will see what we can do.


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    'Padlock' problem solved

    When I paused my mouse over the 'padlocked' icon, it gave me the deeply embedded location (6 down) of kinternet. When I looked at it I saw that permissions had been changed to include an 's' and a 't' - and I did not do that - who did?? So I deleted kinternet, reinstalled it, and it worked OK. Permissions are back to rw-r--r--
    Thanks for your help anyway.


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