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    protocol to search for files across network

    Hope you are all well...
    Is there any protocol like NetBIOS for Windows which can help searching for files across a LAN...

    say i have 3 files all named 1.txt on 3 machines on the LAN... and i want to know where these files are there any protocol or a built in system call to search...
    I am newbie to linux ..someone suggested using ssh to login into the system and then use "find" or "locate" to search for files... but what if i do not know which machine on the network has the particular file i am looking for....

    I am sorry if this post is in the wrong category...
    thanks for reading...

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    As far as I know, NetBIOS depends on the sharing settings on each computer over the network, I mean, if that isn't a problem for you (to configure the sharing directories on every computer) you can always mount remote drives/partitions/directories using NFS and, in your machine, use your favorite search tool to locate the files. Instead of NFS you can use SSHFS. Maybe SMB is another option, I don't know...



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    hi Hugo
    so it means if i do not share my home directories that is say /usr1/home across the network on all the computers....i can not search files in it across the network i have to share it first to search for files in it
    hmm... very interesting ... i think ssh is the best solution...anyways i am a newbie as i said if i am wrong i am very sorry...

    may i also conclude that if i am using netBios i can only search for files which are shared by a group of users not those files to which only i have access permission to..?even in windows??...
    am i right or am i wrong... if i am wrong my apologizes to the people who worked on netBIOS.
    thank you so much hugo...

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    i mean does netbios help search for shared files only...??

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