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    Central authentication - LDAP??

    Here in my house we have a family server, two desktops, three laptops and three MythTV frontend.

    I would like to be able to setup new users on just a single machine and then have the users be able to login at any machine. Ideally when they login their home directory would be pointing to the one that is located on the server.

    The machines are a mixed bag when it comes to operating systems. I have on WinXP, 2 Debian and the rest are Ubuntu.

    I just started researching this project and it seems that maybe LDAP could handle this but I am not really sure. Would LDAP work in this situation? How hard it is to configure?

    My current setup is using Samba to authenticate and setup some shares on the machines so that the users can access things like movies, music, pictures etc. This setup is working just fine it is a mess when I add a new machine or new users as I have to go around to every single machine and add the users there and make sure that they are setup exactly like the server. It would be easier if I could do this just once on the server and have it work at each machine.

    Thanks for the help.


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    If you want to go the windows route toward centralized/directory based authentication, consider installing a copy of windows server system (windows 2000 server or windows 2003 server) with active directory and set it as the domain controller on your network. Then set all your client computers to join the newly created domain. This will take care of centralized authentication and you can also create global networked shares and shortcuts on client computers through group policy (for easy access to your 'network loot' from any of your computers). Seems like an overkill but if you want to be able to create user accounts on one computer and have all other computers automatically be able to use those user accounts without any client configuration changes, this is the only thing that comes to my mind right now.

    Check out this quick and dirty link for setting up a DC on windows 2000 server:
    Setting up a Windows 2000 Domain Controller

    Alternatively, If you wanted to go the Linux route, you can check out OpenLDAP but I've personally never used it before. here is good link that can get you started on this route:
    OpenLDAP Software 2.4 Administrator's Guide: A Quick-Start Guide

    ps: i forgot to mention, you will need windows xp professional and not windows xp home if you want your client computers to be able to join your network domain, assuming you consider the windows route.


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