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    How to setup 3 node wireless network??

    Hi all,
    Can somebody tell me how to create a 3 node wireless network. I have 3 laptops which I wanted them to be act as nodes. All are inserted 3 wireless cardbus adapters, one, each. The network is just a simple linear network( no internet connection). 1st machine should talk to 3rd machine through 2nd machine i.e, the data sent from machine 1 should be routed through 2nd and finally reach 3rd machine. what should I do to make 2 end-end machines and one to act as router?? All have fedora on them!!

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    I haven't set up routing on linux before, but you might want to check the howto:

    You could also set up the router laptop as a DNS server using the "named" daemon:


    Put the 2nd laptop as the default gateway for the end laptops, and enter the IP of the 2nd one as the primary name server for the other 2.

    Don't put entries for the other laptops in /etc/hosts, or they will connect directly to each other and not bother using the server laptop as a router (if they're all on the same subnet)

    Easiest to have fixed IP's so you don't have to configure DHCP, e.g.

    Hope that helps.

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