Please help me installing the Quagga software in FC6:

I am not sure whether i have failed in Quagga installation procedures
or i have not yet understood the concept of installtion in Linux kernel.
Unfortunately i am new to both of these

Following is the steps i followed to install quagga in FedoraCore6:

1.In the directory where the quagga source is placed..
./configure --disable-ipv6
make check
make install

2. Added the port numbers for the rip,ripd... etc., from
2601 to 2607 as given in quagga installation help files

zebra -d
ripd -d -l

In the conf file ripd.conf
router rip
network eth0
logfile /etc/quagga/rip.log

There is no messages in the log file..
[Not even the initial messages about the initialization of the daemon]

I am looking for answeres for these questions..

1. The file zebra.init and ripd.init which are present
inside the folder /redhat of the quagga v0.98.6 pack.
Whether these files are supposed to be placed at
/usr/src/redhat of the kernel manually.. When are these
files used ?

2. hOw to get into the debug mode of zebra and rip daemons..?
Using the telnet option "show debugging zebra" doesnt show anything.
Router> show debugging zebra
Zebra debugging status:

This doubt could be repeated but excuse me... But as far as I have seached
for in the mail archieves I could not find the answer.

any help in this regard would be thankful...