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    PPPoE Server Problems

    Hi all. I am sorry for my poor english.
    My problem is this: I have a 32 IP internet connection with a local ISP. The ISP has assigned me the subnet
    My network is composed as:

    ISP -> ( ROUTER ADSL ( -> ( -> PPPoE Concentrator ( -> (PPPoE Client n
    (I hope that it is undestandable)

    On the ADSL router there is a static route that say to internet packet "if you want to reach subnet, you have to pass via the PPPoE concentrator (, via the ADSL router's ethernet interface".
    The default gateway of the PPPoE concentrator is, obviously,

    The good news is that the PPPoE concentrator works, but the bad is that if it isn't PPPoE clients connected, the PPPoE concentrator can't reach internet because it exit to internet with the IP, and not like

    I have fixed it with iptables and SNAT, rewriting packets from to, but now I have a problem with ip_conntrack, and I have to remove it from the PPPoE concentrator.
    Is there a method to say to the kernel that the default IP is and not

    Thank you.

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    PPPoE concentrator is a Centos 4 distro with 2 ethernet interfaces, eth0 where listen the PPPoE server, and eth1 with IP

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