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    WoW, Linux and SSH

    Hey guys,

    I am new to Linux, previously a Windows user. I have very limited knowledge of my distro, Ubuntu but do have a good knowledge of Windows. I can navigate everything fine and understand how many things work but my problem is that I dont know many of the good applications.

    Im a WoW player and decided I would install it on Ubuntu. All works fine, The graphics and everything are ok, using WINE.

    My problem is this, I live in university halls, and they block alot of traffic, based on it being non-educational. I can understand that for blocking things like p2p and BitTorrent, bandwidth hogs.

    I dont really see why they block WoW, very low bandwidth requirements.

    Anyway, I got around this on Windows by using Putty to connect to my shell and then using Proxifier to tunnel all traffic from Wow.exe. I have also used socksify if that helps you understand what I was doing.

    What I need is a way of "trapping" all traffic from wow.exe and sending it to my own machine ( where it can be forwarded to my shell and around their restrictions.

    I have tried the various bash commands to connect to a shell but they dont work. Im behind a Proxy that seems to mess everything up. To connect to my shell on Linux I have to use Putty. Not a big deal, I only really use it for WoW. So many SSH bash commands dont work for me.

    Thanks for any comments.


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    Okay Im not entirely sure what you want to do. You want to connect via SSH to another shell? What commands aren't working?
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    Yes, I am trying to connect to a shell from my linux box. I understand that Linux is great for connecting to servers via the terminal but I seem to get an error.

    Im getting an error, "No route to host on port 22" or something similar, sorry im not at the machine right now.

    I assume this error is caused by the proxy server that I have to connect to in order to get any outside communication. I have a username and password which works fine with my apps, Firefox etc....

    I can connect to my shell using Putty, it allows me to enter the proxy server details. This was the way I did it on Windows, used Putty to make a server and direct all my traffic to this server, I used port 7070.

    I tried the same set up on my linux setup, Putty, opened port 7070, all exactly the same as Windows but my apps wont forward. Perhaps this is because I havnt set Linux to be aware of the proxy.

    So thats really what im after, I want to use the terminal to connect to my shell and start the server. So I assume I need to make linux aware of the proxy but I dont know how.

    I have made Gnome aware of the proxy but that doesnt help.

    Hope that makes things clearer, Thanks.


    EDIT, I have been using the "ssh" command in terminal.

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    What i suggest is reading up on SSH forwarding.. A forwarding address can be setup via /etc/ssh/ssh_config . You'll be able to point your traffic at your universities proxy server then in a similar way you do on windows.. tunnel your traffic from wow to your shell outside the school. Good Luck.

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    I have SSH working. Im using Corkscrew. I can connect to my shell and start a SOCKS server on my local machine.

    I am aware that there are programs that allow programs without proxy supprt to be forwarded, Tsocks for example. My problem is this, none of them seem to work with Wine.

    What I need is some way of directing Wine and thus its running applications to my SOCKS server on

    Any ideas?


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    look into VPN technology maybe..?

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    When I first started at University I looked into this but was unable to find anything that would allow me to connect via a proxy. Hence I went with an SSH Shell as Putty allowed me to enter proxy details and connect.

    Perhaps you know of a provider and a program that allows me to connect but allow it via a proxy. I dont mind paying for it, as I am already paying for my SSH Shell.

    Anything that you can help with?



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