Before I go off on the wrong track could somebody please confirm that I can use winbind on Linux to authenticate Linux application users to Windows AD.

My set-up -

OS = Red Hat 4.0 ES
Application = Baan ERP software
Client OS = Windows XP

Currently for every application user we have a Linux OS user. What I want to acheive is that the application users will authenticate against their Windows AD account when logging in. Thus centralising user management including password control.

I should admit now that I'm new to Linux.

I have been reading about SAMBA and winbind and on paper it looks as if these will give me the solution I'm after. However, what you read on paper can sometimes be different in the real world!

I still want to make sure that the application access is only limited to certain users and only access to the application is permissible, no telnet, ssh, sftp or anything else.

Am I looking in the right direction for my solution? If not could somebody please give me some ideas.

Thanks in advance.