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    Wi-Fi on LINUX: Is there a distro that works out of the box?


    Just joined now ...

    I am trying to find a distro. that may work with Wi-Fi straight out of the box.
    I use a Centrino-based laptop (Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 3B Mini PCI).

    Is there any such thing out there?.

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    forget it,

    i own a centrino laptop with Intel 2100G (and changed it recently to 2200BG)

    but i've got slackware,mandrake,redhat,fedora installed (all latest versions) and ran knoppix,auditor,knoppix-std,slax,mandrake live from cd,
    all latest versions too, but none of them will work with wireless out of the box....

    BUT, it isn't hard to get wireless to work, just get the ndiswrapper and the XP driver for your wireless card, and read the README from ndiswrapper, it works in a few minutes...

    that's the easy part, the hardest part is configuring your wireless card, i still can't get DHCP and WEP to work, but at least my wireless works...

    [edit]Welcome by the way, hope you'll stick around![/edit]

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    Cheers, lepricaun!

    Will follow your advice

    And thanks for your welcome

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    Linux and wifi will work "out of the box" but only with some cards. Ornico, Prism and Cisco all have native Linux supported cards.

    the problem is that most of the company's making wifi cards don't write drivers for Linux and won't release the specs to the cards so that the open source community (that is very willing) can write drivers. I'm sure that it's a M$ conspiracy ; )

    Intel has said that they will begin writing drivers for linux, but I don't know if that has happend yet.

    Do a google search for wifi supported Linux cards or make sure that you read the packaging before buying a wifi card.

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    the wireless card is build into the laptop, so it isn't that easy to buy another one.. but indeed, there are several supported wireless cards, but his is not one of them

    b.t.w. there should be a driver by now here but i haven't tested it yet, so i can't tell if it works...

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