Well I tryed to install a Postfix Web-Gui. (Postfix.Admin)
Follwed to how to etc. did configure it and when I got the address I got:
Postfix Admin Setup Checker

Running software:

    * PHP version 5.2.5-pl0-gentoo
    * Apache

Checking for dependencies:

    * Magic Quotes: Disabled - OK
    * Depends on: presence config.inc.php - OK
    * Depends on: MySQL 3.23, 4.0 - OK
    * Depends on: PostgreSQL - OK (change the database_type to 'pgsql' in config.inc.php!!)
    * Testing database connection - OK - mysql://<username>:xxxxx@localhost/postfix
    * Depends on: session - OK
    * Depends on: pcre - OK

Everything seems fine... you are ready to rock & roll!

Admin has been added!
(root@<I have to hide this since its a Company Secret..>.com)

You can now log in to Postfix Admin.
Make sure you delete this setup.php file!
Also check the config.inc.php file for any settings that you might need to change!
Well the Setup tells me to rock & roll so I do that.
And the Setup also tells me to Make sure you delete this setup.php file!
So I go to the Terminal and I run
mv setup.php REMOVEME.backup
so, well that all done. I should be able to go to the main addess and then see the page.
But NO!. I get a 404.
Does anyone have experience with this Web-GUI? (Postfix.Admin)