I use minicom to access data from Serial port.
On one of the hosts, i observed that the data was being displayed recursively on the same line. There was no line feed.
I applied line feed but still it did not work.

I then changed my terminal client and switched to picocom(which is more or less the same thing as minicom).
But it gave me the following error:

FATAL: read from term failed: Resource temporarily unavailable

I tried reading the serial port (/dev/ttyS1) using other Terminal clients, but none of them could read through the port.
It's funny as only Minicom was the one which actually returned some data.

How can i be sure that the problem lies with either the terminals or my Serial port?

My serial port settings (using the command statserial /dev/ttyS1) show the following output:

Signal Pin Pin Direction Status Full
Name (25) (9) (computer) Name
----- --- --- --------- ------ -----
FG 1 - - - Frame Ground
TxD 2 3 out - Transmit Data
RxD 3 2 in - Receive Data
RTS 4 7 out 1 Request To Send
CTS 5 8 in 0 Clear To Send
DSR 6 6 in 0 Data Set Ready
GND 7 5 - - Signal Ground
DCD 8 1 in 0 Data Carrier Detect
DTR 20 4 out 1 Data Terminal Ready
RI 22 9 in 0 Ring Indicator