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Thread: Subnet help

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    Subnet help

    Hi Everyone,
    Quick question on how to properly address a subnet issue.
    We have a static IP assigned to eth0 of 207.236.52.XX and it connects to a Cisco Switch which ties back to a Cisco router for its access (gateway is 207.236.52.XX address also)

    Next, we have a DHCP assignment from that server which assigns 10.10.104.XX to cable modems, and 192.168.20.XX to PCs, the 192.168.20.XX subnet uses as a gateway which is another Cisco Router that has only a dedicated DS1 coming into it (207.236.52.XX style IP)

    Our Server we want to move over to a 192.168.20.XX IP as we do a CMTS also on that same subnet, so both would be 192.168.20.XX addresses, HOWEVER, via our cable modems in the field we have several that have 207.236.52.XX STATIC IP addreses delivered to them, so we need a way that would route them back to the server, and then through to the internet.

    Any suggestions on doing so?
    I attempted to create a route on eth0 that said network subnet gateway and then also tried the cisco router but both failed, would that route perhaps need to be on eth0:0 which is the 10.10.104.XX range of IPs which go out to Cable Modems?


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    I take it that is the cisco router/gw on your lan.

    When you as field are you talking external to your local lan? If so then 192.168.20.x will never work as this is not a routable ip address on the internet.

    If you could give me some more information about the setup of you lan (how things are connected) I might be able to help you.

    When I say how things are connected i mean something like this;

    <internet> - <cisco router> - <linux box>

    <internet> - <host>

    You get the picture I think I need to know how things are connected before I can tell you how you are going to set things up.


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