Hey All,

Here’s the situation:

My school has a wired network for the on-campus housing and a wireless network in places like cafés and academic buildings for student use. The wireless network has very strict port restrictions whereas the wired dorm network is more liberal. I do all my programming away from my room so I am not tempted to play World of Warcraft (...i know). However, with the harsh restrictions of the wireless, I've never been able to get a lot of my important apps working (Mail client, AIM, Plesk at my web host). As a computer science major, it is my duty to learn how to circumvent annoying situations in public places. So, here’s what I’m trying:

When you first connect to the wireless network, you are assigned an IP before you authenticate with the RADIUS-like server. I know that this server only authenticates a user’s MAC address when you type in the correct user/pass. But, the pre-assigned IP is fine for local connections. I am able to SSH to a computer in my room without authenticating with the RADIUS server.

I’ve attempted SSH port forwarding/ tunneling before, with slim luck. So, for all you network gurus out there, is it possible to SSH from my laptop to my desktop, then tunnel all data through it so I can access the POP3 port, AIM port, etc.? I’m wondering if there’s a one-line solution to this or if it’s more complex (ie: one line for each port I need access to). Also, if SSH is the way to go or if there’s a different path to take? Ideas? Thanks!