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    VPN Theory Questions

    I have a couple of questions about VPNs...

    I need a shared hard-drive between a couple of locations, accessible by Linux and Windows desktops, to mount them, and have drag 'n drop access.

    Q1: I think I need a VPN - right? What about secure FTP? (can I mount to that connection?)

    Q2: I have a hosted VPS (virtual private server) with some spare disk space, with near-root access ( Can I use that? Or do VPNs only deploy as gateways? (I have been looking at OpenVPN, StrongSwan, SSL Explorer...)

    Q3: Has anyone been successful at setting up a VPN on a hosted VPS before?

    Thanks in advance...

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    I found this which may answer at least some of your questions.

    The actual link is: Secure FTP 101

    example, if you use a VPN to secure your FTP file transfers it requires implementing VPN software, or a VPN appliance, at each end point. If digital certificates are used for implementing a VPN or secure FTP, proper key exchanges must be made, and private keys need to be secured.

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    Q1 - you need file sharing protocol such as samba for file sharing between linux-windows box, nfs for linux-linux file sharing & also ftp. Vpn only give you way to have private network.

    Q2 - As long you have the right to install anything onto your vps, go for it! You will need openssl, CA cert, key, secure ftp & etc..If you ended with bunch of problems, just go for :
    1) openvpnwith with static key + vsftp or
    2) just go for vsftp only

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