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    Wireless Internet Needed!!!!!

    D-Link DI-614+ 802.11b Wireless router


    IBM R50 Laptop w/ IBM 802.11 a/b/g Wireless Card

    How on earth do I make it work!!!??? I have a home network, but will also need to connect to a larger network at school. Also, when connected at school I need to be able to wirelessly print to a printer inside the school. I do have the IP adress and Printer model for this printer. That was all I needed in Windows.

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    thats all you will need in linux, linux has CUPS, the more or less universal printing standard, with wireless, you just have to compile your kernel with support for the hardware, or if your using a mainstream distro, you will probably already have a kernel with support for everything. Then there are utilities that can be used to make connecting easier (they handle encryption, signal strenght) personaly, irecommend airsnort.
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    OK so what should I do to get internet?? I am using Mandrake, and have to clue what I should do.

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    Have you even gotten your computer to recognize your wireless card? If not, you're going to need NDISwrapper or Linuxant (ndiswrapper is It doesn't say that your card is supported (you need more details on that anyway) but don't worry, mine wasn't on that list either, and it's working. Anyway, try to get 0.9 because 0.8 didn't work for me (I have a DWL-G510). After that, follow the instructions to install, then you run
    - ndiswrapper -i <yourdriver.inf> (you have to be root)
    - ndiswrapper -l (It'll say which driver is installed, and if it is present or hardware present)
    - modprobe ndiswrapper (if it's working)
    - iwconfig (if wlan0 or something else other than <no wireless extensions> returns, you're good.

    If all the above worked, then you need to setup the connection:
    (wlan0 replaces whatever ndiswrapper configured it as)

    - iwconfig wlan0 essid YOURNETWORKNAME

    (if you have a wep key)
    - iwconfig wlan0 key open yourkey (try iwconfig wlan0 key restricted yourkey if that doesn't show in the output of iwconfig wlan0)

    -iwconfig (to make sure its all working)

    -ifup wlan0 up

    If it says Determining IP................done., then you're connected.

    Then you should be able to surf and print to your printer using CUPS.

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    I have learned that IBM sticks its name on the product, but it is actually made by Atheros.

    BTW: If I am using Madrake then should I choose the release for Red Hat, since they are so similar.

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    Since your wireless card is Atheros-based, you can use the madwifi driver package. There is a Mandrake rpm available for it. I have just successfully used madwifi to enable my D-Link DWL-G520 wireless card (which also has an Atheros chip) on a brand new installation of Mandrake 10.0 Official.

    After a Google search, I followed these steps: Mandrake 10.0 and D-Link DWL-G520
    Yes, I realize your card is different but the install process should be the same. Also note that I did not get madwifi from the CVS source (as in step 1). I used urpmi to install it off of the Mandrake 10.0 Powerpack CDs. So I did not need to do step 6. Also, one thing they forget to mention is to urpmi dchp-client as the system (mine anyways) needs to get an IP address from a DHCP server.


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    It sounds like I really need to install Install CD 3. Is that a big problem to install it seperatly from all the others, once Madrake is installed?

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