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    Squid Placement In Network

    Ok, I thought I understood this but apparently not.

    I wanted to set squid up as a proxy server but also set up the box as a gateway to get outside the building.

    This is what we have now.

    1. incoming internet connection
    2. router/firewall (linksys)
    3. Internal network

    I wanted to put a proxy server in the mix and maybe add some firewall features to it for redirecting ports sometime down the road.

    If i understand correctly the order should be

    1. incoming internet connection
    2. router/firewall (linksys)
    3. Proxy Server
    4. Internal network

    is that correct?? or am I missing something? Also, can I get rid of the linksys router once the proxy server is installed and configured as a firewall / gateway?

    Also, for down the road i was looking at something to this effect.

    1. incoming internet connection
    2. router/firewall [on same box as ..]
    3. Proxy Server (which will have the ip of
    4. which will provide a switch to the
    5. Internal network (ip of

    I know it's alot of work and can be done in about 100,000,000 different ways. But am I at least on the right track?


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    yeah that is what you will want to do if you plan on the proxy server to also act as the gateway, just have the internet come into the proxy server box and then that goes to the internal network

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